Hustler Casino Live Will Host a $1M Minimum Buy-in Game; Adelstein Open to Return 09 Feb

Ryan Feldman, producer of Hustler Casino Live announced that HCL will be hosting a $1 MILLION minimum buy-in game in May 2023 with $500/$1000 blinds, frequent straddles, and blind increases. It will be livestreamed over multiple days on their YouTube channel for free.

The lineup is not yet set as producers haven’t started talking with the players yet, but they expect this to be the biggest ever livestreamed game with up to $15 million or more on the tables.

"Nick [Vertucci] and I are really excited, we’ve been planning this for months behind the scenes, getting all the details together and we feel now is the right time to do it," said Feldman during the announcement. "We’re going to really try to aim to get some of the biggest name in poker and also the biggest name outside of poker. We need a game that’s entertaining, fun and action and that it’s going to be good enough for these stars that we’re targeting, that they will be willing to put million dollars on the line."

So, who is likely to feature in these games? The first name that pops out is fan favorite Alan Keating, who we know can afford a million dollar buy-in as he lost more than that in a MrBeast cash game. Second one would be of course Eric Persson who doesn’t shy away from the action. J.R. is also frequently mentioned.

And then there’s Garrett Adelstein who is down for a return to HCL according to his post on Twitter and Dan Smith is willing to play as well. One big name also replied on Twitter and that is Jason Koon.

The biggest Hustler Casino Live game so far in terms of viewership was MrBeast’s Game with other YouTube stars in Ludwig, Ninja, Alexandra Botez, xQc, and Slime alongside two poker pros Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan. Viewership reached 100,000 viewers and producers are hoping that The Million Dollar Game could surpass that.