Hustler’s Investigation Finds No Evidence of Robbi Jade Lew Cheating 17 Dec

It’s nearly three months since the infamous J4o hand happened between Robbi Jade Lew and Garret Adelstein and we finally have an answer if she did it or not. According to independent investigation, they have found "no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing in the J4 hand, or any other hand played that night."

The investigation was conducted by cybersecurity firm Bulletproof, which specializes in gaming sector, The Solution Group, a firm of legal and private investigators, and Hustler Casino. Among the key findings, experts conclude that:

  1. The Deckmate shuffling machine is secure and cannot be compromised.
  2. It’s extremely unlikely that any card-reading device stored in a water bottle, jewelry or object on the table could have intercepted a card signal.
  3. RFID technology used by “Hustler Casino Live” is safe. Any device that intercepted a signal would receive a serial number, not the actual card.
  4. Radio communication to the on-floor camera operator was not an issue in the Lew-Adelstein hand
  5. The PokerGFX system was free and clear of malware, installed programs or systems that could intercept hands.

Even though investigation didn’t uncover any cheating happening at Hustler Casino Live, producers are still making steps towards an even safer streaming and playing environment, including things that should’ve been there from the start such as hole cards access only for director, wall and door were installed to the production room, pre-employment background checks, production employees must surrender phones before entering the production room, etc.

"The investigation we conducted was extremely thorough and we found no evidence of wrongdoing in the September 29 hand. We cannot say with 100% certainty that no wrongdoing happened, just that we found no evidence of it," said Nick Vertucci, co-owner of High Stakes Poker Productions. "We promised to conduct a thorough investigation and that we would release the findings publicly, no matter what is found. That is what we are doing today."

Vertucci added: "Our cybersecurity team found a number of areas we could improve – and we have followed that guidance to significantly improve the security of our stream. We are confident with the measures now in place that our stream is among the most secure in the industry. Players and fans of ‘Hustler Casino Live’ should be extremely confident that our games are safe and secure."

What does PokerPro community think?

We asked you, our PokerPro community members, at different points of the investigation, if they think Robbi has cheated on HCL livestreams during J4 hand.

When the first evidence started coming out at the start of October and her changing the story numerous times, 46% of you said that she cheated and 42% of you said she wasn’t.

We asked the same question couple of weeks later when we learned that Bryan Sagbigsal stole $15,000 from her stack, that she might’ve written apology in his name and hasn’t pressed charges, and after Garrett posted his view on the hand and the whole situation.

At that point your view changed dramatically as 68% of you said she was cheating and only 25% thought she wasn’t. 7% couldn’t decide.

Should we do another poll? What’s your opinion now, do you stand by the independent investigation?