Incredible Bad Beat: Flopping Quads and Finishing Only 3rd in a Hand 18 Mar

An interesting bad beat has popped over r/poker yesterday, where user archie1106 flopped quads sevens in a cash game hand and at the end came only third!

The hand was dealt at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Archie1106 held 77 while his table buddies had T9 and JJ. The board ran 7 8 7 J J and straight flush from 7 to J took it down for a $900 pot. Truly a bad bead that you see only once in a lifetime.

Well you probably say, hey at least he got a Bad Beat Jackpot, right? Unfortunately, no because Hard Rock Casinos do not run a BBJ promos and even if they did, 77 hand would only get a table share for coming in third as he was beat by a quads Jacks as well. As if one bad beat wasn’t enough.

Similar scenario in 2018

Eerily similar hand happened back in August 2018, when R.J. Bergman flopped quads 9 and his hand was 3rd best on the showdown as well. He was beat by pocket tens with quads and KQ for a straight flush.

That time Bad Beat Jackpot was paid out in Casino Del Sol in Tucson, Arizona, but R.J. got only a table share. Bad beat of the bad beat.

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