INTERVIEW: WSOP 2020 Champion Stoyan Madanzhiev Starting a Charity Poker Project 22 Aug is a new charity project created by none other than WSOP 2020 Main Event CHAMPION Stoyan Madanzhiev and also with the help from our team. The non-profit charity program is based on poker affilate benefits and donations from players and other benefactors all of which will be used to help the charities listed on their new site.

The more you play, the more you donate!

Watch the exclusive interview with Stoyan where he goes into details about his last year's WSOP Main Event win, charity project, his recent WSOP score and more.

Along with starting his charity project, Stoyan is a special bonus giveaway where you can win coaching from the man itself and $88 in cash! More info here.

Who is Stoyan Madanzhiev?

Stoyan is a long time poker professional from Bulgaria. He has been playing for over 13 years and after all these years, still has a great passion for the game and is currently one of the best poker players in the world. In 2020, he stormed the Online WSOP and took home the most valuable bracelet in poker world and the biggest prize money ever awarded in online poker. He deeply loves playing poker, and obviously, the game loves him back.

His success in poker came after many years of playing and studying the game. Here is what he says about EightOfHearts project:
“The basic idea behind EightOfHearts is to let people play poker and contribute to charity and be in service to the world without sacrificing their win rates. We will provide the best possible deals to our poker players and at the same time we will redirect our benefits of their registrations and grind to charity. This way the more a player plays the more he will contribute. I’ve always wanted to do something which will help others. Unfortunately this is hard with playing poker. Your goal in poker is to play better than your opponents and win money for yourself. You don’t have much time to think about doing good because there is always a downswing coming, burning a big part of your earnings. EightOfHearts has nothing but good intentions and energy behind it. If you want to be part of it, follow our site and what we do.”

You can find more about Stoyan and his charity project on his website and his and organisation's social media. and the Dimitar Berbatov's Foundation will always trust their campaign partners completely, as they will be well researched before working with them, so your contribution will certainly be redirected to the charity.

Dimitar Berbatov Foundation is the first supported foundation founded by Dimitar Berbatov, one of the most successful football players in Bulgaria. Their focus is on helping young, talented kids develop well and chase their dreams. The foundation wants to realize its idea to create a Club for all generations of its children – a place for concerts, exhibitions, trainings and most of all – meetings and transfer of experience and skills from older to younger. will help them make their first steps in this project as all the funds raised during WSOP online will be donated to help those talented kids.