Italian Nicola Angelini Wins PokerEM Main Event in Velden 01 Aug

After 13 days of non-stop action, The European Poker Championship Poker EM has come to an end. Italian Nicola Angelini became the biggest winner of the series, as he triumphed in the €2,750 Main Event for a €154,385 payday!

The €2,750 Main Event of Poker EM Velden 2023 has concluded, with a record-breaking 305 registered. At the final table, Nicola Angelini started with the 3rd biggest stack out of the eight players who had already secured a minimum payday of €19.390.
The first to give up was El Vapo and Stefano Zarriello, while Angelini took the lead in the chip count, eliminating the chip leader of the day, Simon Langer, in 6th place. He did not stop there and took it upon himself to eliminate Jan Bendik.
Shortly afterward, it was Manuel Fritz's turn. With the elimination of Adrian Strobel in 3rd place, the heads-up match began between the two players who had dominated the final table up to that point, Angelini and Harald Heigl, who also started almost at even, with Angelini at 14.7 million and Heigl just ahead with 16.2 million.
The deciding hand, on blinds 100k/200k, sees Heigl raise to 500K, Angelini 3-bet to 2 million, and his opponent calls. Flop K-7-K, and the two end up all-in, with Angelini showing 10-10, while the German with A-6 in hearts has a flush draw. On the turn, however, a 10 gives Angelini a full house, with Heigl drawing dead and 2nd for €103,360.

There were tons of other tournaments played, some also attended by the PokerPro Team. You can find all the final results here.