Japan’s Reiji Kono WPT Prime Cambodia Main Event Champion 23 Mar

After a long seven hours of play at the final table, Japan’s Reiji Kono was the last man standing at the WPT Prime Cambodia Main Event, earning himself $131,731 and a trophy for the win.

When Charlie Chiu was eliminated in fourth place, the last remaining three players in Kono, Bien Mai, and Matthieu Lamagnere agreed on an ICM deal. However, there was still a $10,400 seat into the season-ending WPT World Championship in the play, including travel and accommodations.

And they fought well for the championship package, as it took nearly two hours before the first elimination. It was a short-stack on short-stack battle as Reiji Kono pushed all-in on the small blind with 85o, and Lamagnere called him with K3s. Kono spiked the pair of fives on the river, sending the Frenchman home with $112,247.

Heads-up began with Vietnam’s Mai being the 2:1 chip leader. The turnaround point was in a huge pot when Mai raised preflop and Kono three-bet. He then made a continuation bet on the 942 flop, bet on the 8 turn, and went all-in on the 3 river. Mai had to lay down his cards and found himself being an underdog now.

The very next hand was already the final one, and it was quite a setup, to say the least. Reiji Kono limped, and Mai checked to see a flop of AK8, on which Mai check-called a bet.

The same happened on turn 7, and the river paired the 7. After a third check from Bien and a bet from Reiji, the Vietnamese went all-in, and the Japanese insta-called. Main showed Q7 for trips, and Kono celebrated with 87s for a full house.

2023 WPT Prime Cambodia Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize
1 Reiji Kono Japan $121,331* + $10,400 WPT seat
2 Bien Mai Vietnam $117,842*
3 Matthieu Lamagnere France $112,247*
4 Charlie Chiu Taiwan $59,820
5 Jose Catela Portugal $45,120
6 Sho Katsura Japan $34,400
7 Feng Ji Chua Singapore $26,510
8 Lewis Cowell United Kingdom $20.660
9 Nicolas Ragot France $16,280

* ICM deal

As always, the Main Event drew a big crowd at the Nagaworld Integrated Resort as 1,011 entries generated a prize pool of $980,670. This was of course, only one event on the schedule, as there were 30 other tournaments played during the WPT Prime Cambodia series.

Polish streamer and ACR Pro member HeyMonia made the final table of the $3,000 High Roller event, finishing in 4th place for $24,553. More than two months ago she left home, and started her live world tour, stopping at Florida, Bahamas, Paris, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and now heading to Phu Quoc for the Asian Poker Tour.

While Monika is heading back to Vietnam, World Poker Tour’s next stop is in Amsterdam for another mid-stake WPT Prime series.

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