Jason Koon With Incredible Ninth Career Triton Title 13 Aug

While Danny Tang and Wai Kin Yong were making waves with their four Triton titles each, trailing just behind Jason Koon with eight, the latter responded swiftly, asserting his dominance with a decisive win at the $60,000 Short Deck Main Event in London’s Triton series.

The event garnered a total of 46 entries, including 19 re-entries, culminating in a prize pool of $2,760,000. Koon's relentless drive secured him the first prize, a sumptuous $828,000, and an exclusive Jacob & Co timepiece, complementing one he previously received in Cyprus. Acknowledging the invaluable support of his friend, Paul Phua, Koon intends to gift the watch to him.

The drama unfolded at the final table as Tan Xuan, after a string of audacious plays, found himself in a challenging position. Chris Brewer usurped his initial lead. Yet, the volatility of short deck poker ensured that fortunes could turn rapidly.

In one memorable pot, Koon’s nines hit quads against Xuan's set of kings, resulting in a massive shift in chips and momentum. This hand essentially defined the event's final stages, pushing Xuan to fourth place with $292,500 in winnings.

The final table saw Lun Loon, a rising star in the Triton Series, whose exceptional performance ended in a third-place finish, cashing $386,800. His exit paved the way for a heads-up duel between Koon and Kiat Lee. Despite Lee's commendable resilience, Koon's vast experience in short deck poker dictated the pace and eventual outcome.

The event concluded with Jason Koon solidifying his status as a Triton legend, while Kiat Lee settled for second place with $598,000.
“Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever one-outered anyone in a tournament,” Koon said. “I just accepted my fate, got up.” But lady luck was on his side today, allowing him to secure a record ninth title.

Watch the replay of the final table here:

2023 Triton London Event #16 – $60,000 Short Deck Main Event

Place Player Country Prize
1st Jason Koon USA $828,000
2nd Kiat Lee Malaysia $598,000
3rd Lun Loon Malaysia $386,800
4th Tan Xuan China $292,500
5th Chris Brewer USA $226,300
6th Wai Kin Yong Malaysia $176,700
7th Masashi Oya Japan $140,700
8th Daniel Dvoress Canada $111,000