Joey Ingram Releases New Show Called RTA Poker News 29 Sep

Long time poker player and content creator Joey Ingram surprised us with a release of a new show called RTA Poker News.

RTA stands for Real-Time Assistance, and it’s used as kind of a needle to the poker community and players, who use RTA software to gain an unfair advantage and as it looks like, Joey is going to be our RTA for all the happenings in the poker world.

Before the release he jumped onto Twitch where he talked about the process of making the show, he said it took him more than 40 hours just to record and edit the first episode, and he made an official thumbnail for the episode with a help of his Twitch followers.

Watch the Episode 1 down below or check anything Joey Ingram related in our video section.

In his first episode he discusses PokerGO’s suspension of alleged cheaters Ali Imširović and Jake Schindler, makes a deep dive into rise of Hustler Casino Live an Phil Ivey’s return to the show, and debates Twitch announcement on banning gambling streams and future of poker on the platform.

His last two topics are The PokerGo Tour, which he admits not knowing much about it as a primarily cash game player and Triton Poker success, along with tragic passing of co-founder Ivan Leow. RTA Poker News concludes on a lighter note with some tweets from Poker Twitter.

So far as it looks like RTA News got rave reviews from fans and poker players alike. Even though the episode is 28 minutes long, which might be a lot for an average poker fan with not long enough of an attention span, but Joey keeps us on the toes through the whole thing. And let us just say that intro is total fire!

We’ll definitely follow the development of a new show and hope Joey continues to produce poker related content as his takes on many of the topics are always on point.