Jon Kyte Second in Chips With 6 Left in the UKIPT Main Event, £232,300 for First! 21 Oct

After 4 starting days and Day 2 that was played yesterday, we have reached the final table of the UKIPT Main Event that is played at 2022 EPT London. representative Jon Kyte currently second in chips and has a good chance of winning the first place prize which is set at £232,300.

28 players returned for UKIPT Main event Day 3 that started at 12am. Jon Kyte was already one of the leaders when the action started, but it was not as easy as it looks. After a series of unforatunate hands he was down all the way to 9 blinds, but managed to spin it up, so he reached the final table as one of the chip leaders.

The biggest turning hand of the day happened right before of the start of the final table.

Julien Sitbon raised under the gun, Jon Kyte defended the big blind. The two players saw the flop come A52, Sitbon continued for 125,000 which Kyte called.

The turn was the 8 and Sitbon bet 480,000. Kyte thought for several moments before he put together some chips and slid forward a raise to 1,175,000. Sitbon paused for a long time before three-betting to 1,700,000. But it was pointed out that that was not enough for the minimum raise and after some calculations, Sitbon had to put in a few more chips for an official raise to 1,870,000.

Kyte then four-bet jammed all in. Sitbon gave a reluctantly looking shake of the head and checked his cards a couple of times before calling.
Sitbon saw what he feared as his A5 of clubs two pair was behind the A8 better two pair of Kyte. Sitbon stood up as the J came on the river and just like that the start of day overwhelming chip leader was gone before the final table.
Play continued until 6 players were left when Day 3 of the tournament was put on hold and the action will continue tomorrow at 12am on the TV final table. It will be the first streamed table at this year's EPT London, with many more to come in the following days!

2022 UKIPT Main Event Chip Counts 6 Left

Rank Player Country Chips Big Blinds
1 Conor Beresford England 25,700,000 171
2 Jon Kyte Norway 6,550,000 44
3 Martin Jacobson Sweden 4,175,000 28
4 Martin Caride France 2,775,000 19
5 Vincenzo Schiavottiello Italy 2,700,000 18
6 Olivier Arnault Spain 1,850,000 12

2022 UKIPT Main Event Payouts

Place Player Country Prize
1     £232,300
2     £145,120
3     £103,650
4     £79,740
5     £61,330
6     £47,190
7 Guy Leathley England £36,290
8 Danny Pyke England £27,930
9 Igor D'Ursel Belgium £21,480

Good Luck to Jon and stay tuned for more updates!