Jordan Saccucci Triumphs in Record-Breaking EPT Prague Main Event for €913,250 19 Dec

It seems that live tournament poker is truly at its highest point in the poker history as live events are breaking records left and right. And it’s no different at 2022 EPT Prague where another record has been broken with official 1,267 entries to the €5,300 Main Event that generated a prize pool of €6,144,950.

Nine players were pursuing the top prize of €1,054,500 and EPT title on Saturday and Jordan Saccucci was leading the pack at the start of the final table witch a big chip lead. It was quite a Day 5 with many recognizable faces, including two-time WSOP Main Event finalist Antoine Saout, PokerStars Ambassador Parker "tonkaaaap" Talbot, WPT winner Javier Gomez Zapatero, and others.

It was the fan favorite Tonkaaaap, who was eliminated in 5th place as a final day bubble boy and even though his pocket Kings ended up in a heartbreak loss against pocket 9s of Saccucci, he can be pleased with his career best result.

Watch the replay of Day 5 here

Four players returned on Day 6 for the final act of 2022 European Poker Tour season. Jordan Saccucci still ahead, but not nearly as much as in previous day.

2022 EPT Prague Main Event Final Day Chip Counts

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Jordan Saccucci Canada 12,925,000 86
2 Antoine Saout France 10,400,000 69
3 Istvan Pilhofer Hungary 10,600,000 71
4 Jun Obara Japan 3,875,000 26

The start of the day was moved ahead of time in order to crown a champion before the World Cup Final between Argentina and France start in Qatar. And it seems that players had a similar idea, as the first elimination happened in the first hand of the day with Jun Obara flopping a top par J with KJ, while Saccucci held pocket Kings. Japanese player moved all-in, Canadian called and his hand was good.

In the next two hours we’ve seen battle for small(er) pots, but it was Hungarian Istvan Pilhofer, who was getting shorter by the minute. Antoine Saout limped with pocket Queens and Istvan happily seen flop for free with T2, flopping a top pair on T53 board. The Frenchman bet three times, which sent Pilhofer into the tank on the river, but couldn’t get away with it and lost a big chunk of his chips.

It seemed just a matter of time before we go to the heads-up but Istvan had other plans than watching World Cup finals. He doubled up with QJo against Saout’s A8o, stole blinds with AA, won a pot on the flop with JJ, but then it was all over after the break.
Antoine Saout moved all-in with 22 and Hungarian snap-called with A9. Flop came 628 with a deuce and the turn sealed the deal with a full house.

Jordan Saccucci and Antoine Saout started discussing a potential deal before the start of heads-up battle as they were pretty much even in stacks. Finally they have agreed on even split with each taking €800,000 and additional €113,250 and the trophy for the winner.

At the end, it was Saccucci who came on top. In the final hand we’ve seen 4-bet all-in from Canadian with A3o and Antoine Saout fairly quickly called with 66. Unfortunately for him, Saccucci ran very hot in the last few days and it was no different here as he flops trips on 334 flop. Turn and river 9s and Jordan Saccucci is an EPT champion at the record-breaking Main Event here in Prague!

2022 EPT Prague €5,300 Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jordan Saccucci Canada €913,250*
2 Antoine Saout France €800,000*
3 Istvan Pilhofer Hungary €470,500
4 Jun Obara Japan €361,950
5 Parker Talbot Canada €278,450
6 Luigi D'Alterio Italy €214,150
7 Petar Kalev Bulgaria €164,750
8 Javier Gomez Zapatero Spain €126,700
9 Paul-Adrian Covaciu Romania €97,450

Watch the replay of the final day here