Kayhan Mokri Chipleading the €10,200 Mystery Bounty Final Table at EPT Paris 16 Feb

Kayhan Mokri continues his impressive run at Mystery Bounties after he finished 2nd in the same event at the PCA just a few weeks ago. This time around he has a chance to one-up his Bahamas result as he enters the final table of €10,200 Mystery Bounty event as a chip leader here in Paris!

He started the Day 2 as 2nd in chips, right behind Nikita Kuznetsov and in front of Viktor Ustimov. Late reg was still open for first two levels of the day and 36 new players entered the event for a total of 107 entires and €492,200 prize pool.

EPT Paris €10,200 Mystery Bounty Final Table Chips

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Ren Lin United States 2,110,000 53
2 Pedro Garagnani Brazil 1,800,000 45
3 Andre Marques Portugal 470,000 12
4 Mauricio Ferreira Pais Germany 1,400,000 35
5 Zhi Yi Ning Malaysia 520,000 13
6 Pablo Navarro Spain 180,000 5
7 Tom Orpaz Israel 1,070,000 27
8 Nikita Kuznetsov Russia 875,000 22
9 Kayhan Mokri Norway 2,250,000 56

The first place prize is set at €128,500 and all players at the final table already have €14,400 in the pocket. But of course, this is Mystery Bounty tournament which means there are several big envelopes waiting for the players which came into the play after registration closed for the day.

Two biggest Mystery Bounty prizes are set at €75,000 and €50,000, players can also draw one of four €25,000 envelopes, one of seven €10,000 prizes and bunch of €7,500 and €5,000 bounties respectively.

Mokri was quite a bounty hunter, eliminating many players throughout the day and collecting many prizes, including the €25,000! The biggest prize is already claimed by Adrian Mateos, who ironically got knocked out by Kayhan.

Deep in the Day 2 of the event was also football superstar Neymar Jr., who unfortunately got eliminated by pocket aces right after late reg closed.

EPT Paris €10,200 Mystery Bounty Payouts

Place Prize
1 €128,500
2 €82,950
3 €59,250
4 €45,600
5 €35,050
6 €26,950
7 €21,550
8 €17,250
9 €14,400