Lorenzo Arduini Triumph in the FPS Paris at Stade Jean Bouin 28 Jul

Italian poker pro, Lorenzo Arduini, led a final table into late hours at Stade Jean Bouin and emerged victorious in the Main Event of FPS Paris, pocketing a staggering €211,000 in the process.

The final days of the tournament saw Arduini starting as a chip leader and battling it out against 47 other hopefuls from the initial pack of 1,384 entries. Trailing closely behind him was France's own Tanguy Drouin, who started the day with 9,825,000 chips, just slightly less than Arduini's 10,900,000.

However, the roles were turned during the final table, and Drouin had a substantial lead at one point until he suffered a series of defeats, including with pocket eights against Arduini pocket Aces. He still secured second place for a respectable €132,440 payday.

The last hand of the Main Event was quite a climactic one as Lorenzo knocked out two players. Stanislav Petriv pushed all-in with 85s, while Drouin and Arduini joined with ATs and pocket Queens. The flop came K63, putting arduini solidy ahead. The turn card added another queen, making Petriv drawing dead, but Tanguy still had a chance to complete a straight.

However, the river card paired the board and with that, Arduini managed to eliminate both competitors. As Tanguy had started the hand with a larger chip stack, he ended up in second place, and Stanislav secured third place, collecting €95,400 for his efforts.

For Lorenzo Arduini, this is his biggest win to date, one up his victory at the Spade Poker Tour in Liechtenstein just a month ago, where he won the Main Event and pocketed CHF 57,080 ($63,609). This string of impressive results has brought Arduini's total live tournament earnings close to the half-a-million mark.

The FPS Paris was a third stop of the 2023 France Poker Series, with 1,384 entries in the Main Event, the 4th biggest in history. Only surpassed by the EPT events, it’s a testament to the growing popularity, and we can only look forward to two more thrilling stops in Aix les Bains and Aix en Provence later this year.

2023 France Poker Series Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Lorenzo Arduini Italy €211,000
2 Tanguy Drouin France €132,440
3 Stanislav Petriv Ukraine €95,400
4 Gaspare Sposato Italy €73,300
5 Volga Uyanik France €56,400
6 Idir Haiche France €43,400
7 Samuel Fournier France €33,400
8 Jeremy Regalado France €25,700