Massimiliano Cordeschi Wins Stage 2 of ISOP 2021/2022 20 Jan

The second stage of the new ISOP Season 2021-2022 is done, and after the last river card was put on the TV Table, Massimiliano Cordeschi was crowned the big winner of the Main Event.
As per usual now, 6-Max and Goodbye tournaments were also played on the last day, won by Antonio Casula and Bosko Krejic respectively.

ISOP Stage 2 Main Event

16 players were left at the final Day of the Main Event and soon the Final Table TV was set up in the Perla Resort & Entertainment Night Club.

After a long fought battle on the final table, the heads-up game lasted just under half an hour, mainly due to the large chip gap between the two finalists. The final hand was a flip with Cordeschi showing 44 and Massimo Schiralli with AQ, who had to find the pair to double up.
Obviously that did not happen and the victory was declared to Massimiliano Cordeschi.

ISOP 2021-2022 Stage 2 Main Event Final Results

1st place – Cordeschi Massimiliano €21,000 + ticket Campionati Italiani €990
2nd place – Schiralli Massimo €13,300 + ticket Campionati Italiani €990
3rd place – Migliorini Maurizio €7,100 + ticket Campionati Italiani €990
4th place – Mocnik Martin €5,300 + ticket Campionati Italiani €990
5th place – Riggio Roberto €4,000 + ticket Campionati Italiani €990
6th place – Scattarelli Pierluigi €3,150
7th place – Altena Michael €2,600
8th place – Brentan Andrea €2,100
9th place – Hribernik Jan €1,650

Watch the replay of the final table below with Italian commentators.


The first tournament on Monday afternoon recorded 24 entries and send four players into the money.
First place was taken by Antonio Casula, second was Antonio De Lucci, and on the lowest step of the podium the winner of the Saturday Night All Stars Dario De Toffoli.

1st - Antonio Casula
2nd - Antonio De Lucci
3rd - Dario De Toffoli
4th - Aldo Valletta


Finally, the last tournament that says goodbye until the next appointment, from 17 to 21 March for Stage 3 of the 2021-2022 Season, attracted a total of 40 players.
The winner was Bosko Krejic, followed by Tilen Rosac and Leban Joze.

1st Bosko Krejic
2nd Tilen Rosac

3rd Leban Joze
4th Francesco Centorza
5th Jan Kurincic