Massive Opportunity in New Poker Clubs by PokerPro 23 Nov

In this article we'll take a look at all the changes we added to our list of Poker App Clubs in the last few weeks. Mostly we added a few clubs for every app, so now we offer 19 clubs on PokerBros, 16 clubs on PPPoker, 2 clubs on the new Suprema app and 3 poker clubs on UPoker. We are looking for new great opportunities for our players on a daily basis.


On PokerBros we offer action in 11 unions from all over the world. Mexico, Fishtank, Titanium, League of Legends unions were the latest additions to our list of unions. We have also added a new club in Diamond union where we can play on all stakes.


List of PokerBros unions:

    • Pacifica Union
    • Panamericana
    • Mexico union
    • Paradise
    • RGS United
    • Galaxy poker
    • Polska unia
    • Diamond
    • Matrix Union
    • ENVITE Union
    • Crystal Union
    • and many more private unions


On PPPoker, we recenty added and European called Yamal union, very popular Indian union Mini India, 2 new Brazilian unions, Liga LAtam and Liga King. Also check out Dorada Union, which is getting bigger every day.


List of PPPoker unions:

  • Primetime Union
  • Liga King Brasil
  • Pinoy Donks
  • Dorada union
  • pppfish - Aussie union
  • Yamal
  • T3
  • Romano
  • Favorite
  • and many more private unions

Suprema App

As we reported in our article, After playing with PPPoker for several years, the Suprema Poker Alliance decided to create their own application, bringing together over 300 Brazilian poker clubs.


List of Suprema unions:

  • Suprema
  • Principal


There are less tables on UPoker than other more popular apps, but you can still find some great action in the 4 different union that we have in our offer. We recently added new Israeli club Ultimate, which has very profitable game with players who love to gamble.


List of UPoker unions:

  • WeLovePoker
  • Upoker Israel
  • Liga H2

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