Massive Turnout for Day 1B and 1C of the World Poker Tour EveryOne for One Drop 12 Jul

The World Poker Tour (WPT) EveryOne for One Drop Tournament is seeing incredible participation the following days after it kicked off. The second starting flight, Day 1B, amassed an impressive 440 entries, with 137 players making it through to Day 2. The chip leader for the day was Joey LeBrun, who had an exhilarating end to the day, doubling up in the penultimate hand of the night against Martin Stausholm to bag a staggering 614,000 in chips, equivalent to 307 big blinds.

Among the other notable survivors are Noah Schwartz with 257,000 chips, Aleksejs Ponakovs bagged 235,000 chips, and FaZe Clan pro gamer and Twitch streamer Nate Hill with a 192,500 chip stack. In addition to his gaming prowess, Hill is proving his merit at the poker table, making it through to Day 2 of the $10,500 World Poker Tour event after cashing in his first ever $10,000 2023 WSOP Main Event.

Pro gamer Nate Hill is having a successful poker summer.

World Poker Tour EveryOne for One Drop $10,000,000 Top 5 Day 1B Chip Stacks

Place Player Country Chips
1 Joey LeBrun USA 614,000
2 Rick Green USA 406,000
3 Viktor Ustimov Russia 335,000
4 Matt Moss England 331,000
5 Adam Weinraub USA 308,000

As the tournament transitioned to Day 1C, the total number of entries had already reached 705. A further 326 players would be needed to surpass the guarantee. This figure was comfortably crushed in the first few levels of the day, pushing the total number of participants to a remarkable 1676. This huge turnout resulted in a prize pool exceeding $16.2 million, with part of each buy-in going to the One Drop Foundation.

The last entry of Day 1C was none other than Phil Ivey, WPT Global ambassador, who quickly made his mark by doubling up early in the day and made it through Day 2 with 142,500. However, the chip leader of Day 1C was Yifu He, who claimed the position with a successful beat against Alex Foxen in the closing hand of the day.

Other notable players included Robbi Jade Lew with 162,000 and 2015 WSOP Main Event Winner Joe McKeehen with a solid 245,000.

World Poker Tour EveryOne for One Drop $10,000,000 Top 5 Day 1C Chip Stacks

Place Player Country Chips
1 Yifu He USA 437,000
2 Cord Garcia USA 424,500
3 Tae Gon Kim USA 400,000
4 Niko Koop Russia 363,500
5 Calvin Anderson USA 357,000

Day 2 begins on Wednesday at noon PDT with 537 survivors from the three starting flights. The final 210 players will finish in the money, with the 1st place prize being a stunning $2,561,480.

WPT EveryOne for One Drop Payouts

Place Prize
1st $2,561,480
2nd $1,740,000
3rd $1,302,000
4th $956,000
5th $700,100
6th $524,500
7th $412,900
8th $326,300
9th-10th $257,600
11th-12th $203,940
13th-14th $163,280
15th-16th $132,060
17th-20th $107,900
21st-24th $89,080
25th-32nd $74,300
33rd-40th $62,620
41st-48th $53,340
49th-56th $45,840
57th-64th $39,980
65th-72nd $35,480
73rd-80th $31,550
81st-88th $28,180
89th-104th $25,360
105th-120th $23,080
121st-136th $21,250
137th-152nd $19,790
153rd-168th $18,650
169th-184th $17,790
185th-210th $17,200