Massive Twitch Hack Reveals Poker Streamer Earnings And More 07 Oct

One of the most invasive hacks ever seen on a major website has led to thousands of streamers having their earnings leaked.

Over 125GB of compressed text files were posted online on 4chan which included the site's entire source code, technical details for future products (unreleased Steam competitor Vapor) and the salary details for thousands of Twitch streamers, including those streaming in Poker category.
This is potentially one of the most disastrous and invasive hacks ever seen on a major website. It opens the door for future potential hackers to put malware on the site and steal sensitive information.

Top earners leaked

The leaked information also revealed the top earning streamers and what they made since August 2019. The top earner 'CriticalRole' made $9,626,712 in that time with a further 80 making seven figures. This is from direct pay as a Twitch partner (subscribers and ad revenue) and does not include donations or sponsorship.
There's already a bunch of sites up like TwitchPayouts where you can check out earnings of your favourite streamers. Below you can find the list of some of the biggest poker names, at the top is non other than Lex Veldhuis with close to $300,000 of earnings since August 2019. We need to point out that incomes of poker streamers are significantly lower to other 'regular streamers, mostly due to the fact that poker players stream to mature audience only, stream a game involving money and do not need as much support as others.

Streamer Total Earnings
LexVeldhuis $294,298.16
Spraggy $128,352.87
easywithaces $89,010.74
xflixx $87,632.15
MattStaples $84,016.07
PokerStaples $59,313.13
kevinmartin $57,515.62
ALLinPav $42,290.99
JeffGrossPoker $39,722.37
ArlieShaban $34,843.33
apestylespoker $32,363.99
LoncarPoker $26,970.24
tonkaaaaP $24,205.78
FelipeMojave $24,188.92
TheRealKnossi * $2,157,258.23
* IRL streamer who occasionally streams poker as well.

Twitch have stated they do not believe customer log-in credentials have been exposed and that credit card numbers are not stored by Twitch. However, it is never a bad idea to regularly change your passwords so perhaps you should do that now if you are a Twitch fan.