Meet the Rising Star: The Poker Streamer Dominating with Volume 12 Sep

"Diosvoluntad" is a rising poker streamer who has gathered quite a significant viewership in just a few months with each broadcast. Setting him apart from others, he hosts staggering 24-hour streams every other day, clocking in around 300,000 hands each month. You can tune into his live sessions on his Twitch channel.

Dios plays on GGPoker, striving for the top spot on the leaderboard. Beginning his journey at the NL2, he's progressively moved up each month and currently plays at NL25. His impressive volume not only secures him top spots on leaderboards and high rakeback but he's also hit several Bad Beat Jackpots. Additionally, GG has taken notice and now partners with him, offering 100% rakeback every Friday.

While Diosvoluntad openly admits he's not the world's best player, his tenacity has rewarded him with a respectable winrate and recognition from GG. His relentless streaming schedule and endurance have translated into rapid channel growth and a loyal viewership.

He averages over 100 live viewers each stream, with both viewer and subscriber counts steadily increasing monthly.
As per, his Twitch channel ranks 28th most-viewed in the Poker Category overall and 12th among English-language channels. With his growing popularity, it won't be long before he's among the elite first-page streamers.

So far, beyond dominating leaderboards, viewers have witnessed several Bad Beat Jackpots on his streams. There was also a brief three-day suspension of his channel for undisclosed reasons, adding an additional drama element.

Following Diosvoluntad's poker and Twitch journey is sure to be interesting. Though he may not be the world's best poker player, he consistently earns impressive sums relative to the stakes he plays. This month, he's set a goal to net about $5,000 at the NL25 stakes. Currently, he's at a profit of around $1,000. Given the sheer volume he puts in, reaching his ambitious target – and perhaps another Bad Beat Jackpot? – is well within the realm of possibility.