Miha Jeraj Left Short of the Trophy, But Still Gets The Highest Payout on ISOP Main Event 09 Nov

The 2nd stage of the new ISOP season ended with an excellent result for the Slovenian poker and PokerPro team. At the final table, Miha Jeraj managed to make his way to the last three surviving players, who then agreed that Miha, as the chip leader, would get €25,000 and they would play for the cup and the remaining €1,000 until the end. He managed to reach an extraordinary deal, as initially, he should have received €22,000 according to the ICM result. In the end, he took home only €5,500 less than was planned for the first prize.
Unfortunately, he fell just short of taking home the trophy. Shortly after the deal, he shoved AQo from the SB after a raise on the button from Crocetta with AKo, who of course snap-called Jeraj's all-in. Board didn't help Miha and he got up from the table officially in third place, but we can easily count him as the winner.
You can see what Miha said after winning third place on his stories on the atathegreat2 Instagram.
The heads-up game between the Italians Crocceto and Mutto lasted just under 20 minutes and it was Mutto who ended up winning the trophy and an additional €1,000 for the winner. After the deal, Crocceto won €17,000 and Mutto €18,000.

Miha played excellent poker throughout the final table, we must mention an incredible fold he made shortly after the start of the final table when there were still 7 players in the game. At blinds 60,000/120,000, Crocetta, who was the chip leader at the moment of the hand, opened from UTG with KK to 270,000, on UTG+1, Borghetti 88 3-bet to 550,000 with 88 and Miha looked at his cards on the Button and saw QQ  He decided to just call and Crocetta pushed his stack into the middle right after him. Borgetti folded his hand and the action was on Jeraj. After much consideration, he decided to make an excellent fold and thus remained at the final table and in the battle for victory.

Congratulations to Miha for his outstading play throughout the tournament and we will see you on the next stop of ISOP, which will happen between 19. and 23. January also in Casino Perla in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Final Results:

Place Player Payout
1. Amadeo Mutto €19.000
2. Antonio Crocetta €17.000
3. Miha Jeraj €25.000
4. Marco Pace €7.000
5. Francesco Parente €5.100
6. Luciano Borghetti €4.100
7. Dejan Masimović €3.353
8. Willy Murgola Flora €2.600

First ten players of the tournament also received a €990 ticket for Main Event Campionati Italiani 2023.

Replay of the final table

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