Mike Postle Shows Up at the Tournament Wearing a Disguise 18 Jan

We have our first bombshell of a 2023 as Mike Postle was spotted playing a Million Dollar Heater Main Event tournament at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi. According to a poker player Maxwell Young, who made a deep run in the tournament, Postle was using an alias 'Mike Lawrence', wearing a hoodie, glasses, and a fake nose as it looks like from the photo of Angela Jordison!

Just to refreshen your mind, Mike Postle is an (alleged) cheater who was accused of cheating in late 2019 at a livestreamed cash games at Stones Casino. At the a time that was the biggest poker story which leaked into mainstream media as well.  

Veronica Brill who commentated in the games started with accusations on twitter and was followed by many poker players who started analyzing his game and table presence, including marathon investigations from Joey Ingram.

Postle was never legally convicted and hasn’t faced any other legal or financial ramifications, besides losing the anti-SLAPP countersuits to Brill and Todd Witteles, owning $27,000 each.

He was laying low all this time until now it seems when he joined the tournament in Biloxi. Mike managed to get to the final table, playing for a first place prize of $208,400. He was knocked out in 7th place for $32,703 by Brock Gary, who slowrolled with a set of 6 on a 654 flop against Postle’s pocket tens all-in. “That’s for all the cheating you’ve done”, said Gary while shaking his hand. You can check the hand below.