More Than 80,000 Hot Tables Already Triggered on partypoker 30 Mar

This March when the new Hot Tables was introduced, partypoker has seen what it can really do to help cash game players benefit, even more than the daily leaderboards promotion!
Hot Tables have triggered an astounding 83,000 times between March 11 to 28, resulting in 50% of cash game players seeing at least one Hot Table per day they've played. It is a great outcome seeing that 29% of everyone who has played partypoker cash games has won a Hot Tables pot at least once per playing day.

The biggest Hot Tables prize, to date, was an amazing $490 - a great bankroll-booster indeed. Below is a breakdown of the Hot Tables that hit so far.



Bronze tables


Silver tables


Gold tables


Platinum tables


Diamond tables


Biggest Hot Tables Multiplier


Biggest Hot Tables Prize


What are Hot Tables?

Hot Tables is a new and exciting feature available to fastforward and cash game players on partypoker, giving them the chance to win a massive, boosted cash prize at any moment!

How it works:
Play selected No Limit Hold'em (NLHE) or Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) cash game or fastforward tables from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1 for the chance to receive a random boost!

Hot Tables randomly trigger and if your table gets a boost, an extra prize will be added (between 1 and 500 big blinds) to the pot. The winner of the hand gets the whole prize, so one quick win at a Hot Table could bag you a cash prize PLUS the pot itself!
Thousands of Hot Tables trigger every single day.

Have you hit your Hot Table yet?

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