Negreanu and Polk Reignite Rivalry in High Stakes Duel 4 23 Aug

In the heart of Las Vegas at the PokerGO Studio, the high-stakes poker world gears up for another exciting HU battle. On Thursday, August 24, at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT), Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will lock horns in Round 2 of High Stakes Duel 4, each putting up $100,000.

This isn't the first time the two poker titans have faced off. Rewind to 2021, and the poker community was enraptured by a three-month long Grudge Match. In a series of 36 sessions, comprising over 25,000 hands of Heads Up NL Hold’em with stakes at $200/$400, Polk triumphed over Negreanu, pocketing $1,202,284.75. At that time, Negreanu was keen on a rematch, but Polk stated he was stepping away from poker. Evidently, that hiatus was short-lived as Polk is now back and more active than ever on the live poker scene.

As for Negreanu's journey in High Stakes Duel 4, he won against Eric Persson in Round 1 earlier in May. While Persson was initially set to rematch in Round 2, scheduling issues and perhaps a reconsideration led him to step back, paving the way for another the Negreanu-Polk face-off.

Should Negreanu clinch victory in Round 2, he'll be crowned High Stakes Duel 4 champion. However, a win for Polk would offer Negreanu a shot at redemption with a Round 3 rematch, this time at double the stakes. If Negreanu chooses to decline, Polk would then face a fresh challenger.

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