Nevada Casinos With $1.31B Revenue in July; Macau Struggling Along 01 Sep

Casinos in Nevada have been blooming since all health restriction have been lifted as Nevada Gaming Control Board reports 17th straight month of total gaming revenue of at least $1 billion.

The figure stopped at $1.31B in July 2022, for a 3% decline over July 2021, when licensees reported win of $1.35 billion. Even though there’s a small decline, the numbers are still way higher than in pre-pandemic times when Nevada collected almost half of the revenue today. It also seems inflation and possible recession have no affect with Americans, who keep on gambling with their hard-earned money.

“We were down this month, yet I don't see any softness—it was down slightly against the all-time high,” says Michael Lawton, senior economic analyst at the Nevada Gaming Control Board to forbes. “The bar was set really high with last July. We didn't hit it, but we still came in with the fourth highest total all-time statewide, second-highest total all time for The Strip.”

Card games and table game generated $476.4 million, Baccarat $138 million, while sportsbooks brought in $419.4 million. The Las Vegas Strip accounted for the was majority of the July’s revenue with $773,399,726.

Macau struggling due to COVID restrictions

Macau’s August 2022 gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $270 million is down 51% year-on-year when GGR was at $530 million (MOP$4.44 billion). Despite the big plummet, the number is still significantly higher than in July, when Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) reported a gross win of only $49 million.

This was a record-low monthly result, attributed to China’s zero COVID policy and government ordering all Macau casinos being closed for 12 days in July. Since the reopen, only half of the staff was permitted to return, while border restrictions from mainland China remained.