New on PokerBros: All In or Fold 16 Apr

There’s only one decision in the new ALL IN OR FOLD MTTs – and it’s the biggest one of all, every hand. Last week, the PokerBros application presented a new product: All-in or Fold tournaments. It’s clear that their essence is pushing two buttons: "all-in" or "fold". However, all this action takes place in the format of a classic tournament.

Club creators and managers can now select 'All in/Fold' as one of the options when setting up games. Players can enjoy all the excitement of MTTs without the big time commitment.

Despite the purely recreational format of the game, you shouldn't think that everything here depends on luck. The classic AoF game is a kind of the correct push/fold strategy in the later stages of the tournament. Therefore, there can be good value here for players familiar with good ICM strategies.

Disclaimer: PokerBROS is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

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Hottest action in 2021 on Poker apps

Poker apps are currently the hottest place to be as an online poker player. Apps like PokerBros, PPPoker and UPoker revolutionized how poker is played nowadays as they are single-handedly responsible for the biggest poker boom since Chris Moneymaker won WSOP Main Event in 2003.

We are offering you action in 22 different PokerBros clubs, 22 PPPoker and 4 UPoker clubs that are based all around the world and are part of bigger unions (networks), which means you’ll get access to the softest games on the planet.

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