New Pineapple Format on PokerBROS Promises 50% More Fun Than Hold'em 30 Aug

New Pineapple poker format (along with its cousin, Crazy Pineapple) is now available on PokerBROS!

This three-card game provides a trio of combinations of hole cards to choose from, expanding starting-hand options. After you discard one card, the game plays out like Texas Hold'em, so it's easy to pick up and a great place to start exploring the huge variety of customizable games on offer. You get a crucial say in your hand's set-up; the difference between Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple is simply when you make that discard decision.


In Pineapple, the discard happens straight away, before the first betting round preflop. There's limited time to make the decision (Timebanks can't be used during the discard Action Time) and if you just can't decide, the app will randomly discard one of your three cards when the time's up. The discarded card then shows up greyed-out next to your hand as a reminder.
With the addition of just one extra hole card, the average strenght of everyone's hand goes up, leading to some great action. More sets get hit as players tend to keep pairs during the discard phase – and with three starting cards you'll be dealt a pair 16.9% of the time..

Crazy Pineapple

In Crazy Pineapple, you keep all three cards until the end of the flop betting round (just before the turn card is dealt). Players still in the hand are then prompted to get rid of one card. The 'craziness' in this version of the game comes from its edging closer to Omaha in the way starting hands are weighed and the ability to see how a hand connects with the flop before pairing it down. Even stronger hands than in Pineapple are likely with this added information pre-discard: beware the temptation to look at your top pair, top kicker with the same view as you might in Hold'em!
This high-flopping, multi-card poker game is an easy way to start extending your Club's tables beyond the classic NLH – it's a small tweak to the best-loved and most widely-known poker variant around, but one that brings it a whole lot of action.

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