New York City Gamblers Scam Atlantic City Casinos For $1.1 Million 29 Oct

Several gamblers allegedly stole more than $1.1 million from Atlantic City casinos, according to a report from the Cherry Hill Courier-Post.
Five New York City residents ran a phony check at five different casinos between Aug. 26 and Aug. 28. The group exchanged the fake checks for gaming chips and then eventually gave those chips back to the casino for cash.
The checks were worth a total of a little more than $1.1 million, and it would appear that the five venues didn’t do a good enough job verifying the amounts before approving the transactions.

Borgata, Caesars and Ocean each lost $284,000 during the brief, but expensive, crime spree. The Golden Nugget and the Hard Rock each lost $134,000. As part of the scam, each person from the group presented two checks to the teller with one fake imitating a TD Bank check, while the other was supposed to be from Bank of America. One was for $150,000 and the other was for $134,000. Hard Rock and Atlantic City both refused to accept the larger of two checks, while the other three casinos accepted both.

One of the five suspects is already in custody, but the other four are still being sought after by investigators. Others are also being investigated, but only the current five suspects, which range in age from 29 to 65, will be taken into custody.
The five suspects are indicted on charges of conspiracy, theft by deception and attempted theft by deception.