Nik Airball Takes Down a $383,000 Pot with a Straight Flush 14 Sep

Fresh off his guest appearance on Nick Vertucci’s podcast, Nik Airball made a triumphant return to the Hustler Casino Live poker show. During the podcast, Nik opened up about his massive downswing of over $8 million, but fortunes seem to be turning!

In a hand in question, Ryan Feldman and Nik Airball found themselves in a 5-bet pot, holding A2s and K9s. Tension had been mounting between the two after Airball hit a lucky river against Ryan, leading to a slowroll, which likely fueled the charged atmosphere of their next hand.

The flop was JhThQh.

Holding K9 of hearts, Nik flopped a straight flush while Ryan missed it entirely with A2 in diamonds. Despite this, Ryan called Nik’s $10,000 bet in the $67,600 pot. Nik kept the momentum with a small bet of $26,000 on the 7c turn. In a surprising move, Ryan raised to $80,000, which must have been music to Airball’s ears, who simply called.

The river revealed 5h. Ryan pushed all-in with his remaining $67,900 in the $247,600 pot. Nik snapped calls, and Ryan immediately regretted the move. The sting of the $383,400 loss was clearly seen on his face.

After the intense hand, the session concluded with Nik boasting a profit of $226,800. On the other hand, Feldman found himself down by $197,800. Thanks to this win during his recent appearance on the HCL, Nik is now back in greenl with a total profit of $134,000.

Catch the entire hand in the video below.