No Challengers for Jason Koon Who Pockets $1.6 Million 11 Jan

After no challenger stepped up in 30 days since Jason Koon beat Phil Hellmuth in Round 5 of High Stakes Duel III, Koon is pronounced a champion and will pocket $800,000 profit for his win.

If everyone was interested in playing against Phil Hellmuth in Round 5, it appears no one wants to face Jason Koon and putting $1.6 million on the line. Literal crickets. And it makes total sense.

It is obvious that many players think they have a big edge over someone like Hellmuth, so potential challengers were lining up to play against Poker Brat and apparently Koon draw the longest stick. On the other hand, mustering $1.6 million to play against one of the top poker pros in the world, and maybe having a 1% or 2% edge over him, is something that no professional who likes money will ever do.

Jason himself said he doesn’t expect to get a challenger, unless a very rich recreation player appears who would want a sweat or a "super alpha person from Russia or somewhere". And he was 100% correct.

High Stakes Duel III Matches

Match Players Winner Prize
HSD III Round 1 Phil Hellmuth vs. Nick Wright Phil Hellmuth $100,000
HSD III Round 2 Phil Hellmuth vs. Tom Dwan Tom Dwan $200,000
HSD III Round 3 Phil Hellmuth vs. Tom Dwan Phil Hellmuth $400,000
HSD III Round 4 Phil Hellmuth vs. Scott Seiver Phil Hellmuth $800,000
HSD III Round 5 Phil Hellmuth vs. Jason Koon Jason Koon $1,600,000