Panco Vetin Wins Flamingo & Friends #3 Main Event 22 Nov

Blink it and you’ll miss it. This had to be one of the fastest final tables played in the €230 Main Event in Gevgelija, North Macedonia where Flamingo Casino hosted Flamingo & Friends #3 festival.

From 347 entries to the tournament, who generated €69,400 prize pool in three first days and a Day 2 on Saturday, 35 returned for the Final day on Sunday. Everyone on the final table had a guaranteed €1,100 money prize and €17,350 were reserved for a winner.

Seat 1: Vetin - 3,000,000 (Bulgaria)
Seat 2: Stefanovic - 600,000 (Serbia)
Seat 3: Gennaios - 1,400,000 (Greece)
Seat 4: Kokompelis - 1,300,000 (Greece)
Seat 5: Hatzigiannakos - 1,300,000 (Greece)
Seat 6: Kambouris - 2,385,000 (Greece)
Seat 7: Chakarevic - 580,000 (Serbia)
Seat 8: Dadakos - 1,100,000 (Greece)
Seat 9: Drakidis - 1,600,000 (Greece)  

And as said we very quickly got down to the eventual winner. When five players were left, Kampouris open-shoved and got called by Drakidis behind him. Vetin, who was a big chip leader at that point, pushed over both and Drakidis had to fold.

Bulgarian flopped a straight, Greek had a flush draw but unfortunately for him turn and river were bricks and Christos was elimianted in 5th for €3,720. At this point the remaining four players started discussing a deal.

After a few minutes of discussion an ICM deal was reached and Panco Vetin was declared an official winner with the biggest share of the prize pool with €15,000. The other three players received €8,753, €8,490 and €7,257, respectively. representatives Ronny Albrigtsen started Day 2 as third in chips, while Teddy D bagged 22 big blinds. Unfortunately, both didn’t qualify for Day 3 of the Flamingo & Friends Main Event.

Ronny Albrigtsen


€230 Flamingo & Friends Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Panco Vetin Bulgaria €15,000 *
2 Asterios Kokompelis Greece €8,753 *
3 Giannis Drakidis Greece €8,490 *
4 Giannis Hatzigiannakos Greece €7,257 *
5 Christos Kampouris Greece €3,720
6 Vassilis Dadakos Greece €3,103
7 Boban Stefanovic Serbia €2,330
8 Luka Cakarevic Serbia €1,805
9 Konstantinos Gennaios Greece €1,100