partypoker brings back Sunday million after 13 years 21 Oct

Exciting new changes for tournament players, as partypoker brings back Sunday Million tournament, release new schedule and re-introduce T$ tournament dollars.

It was year 2006 when partypoker regularly held a Sunday million dollar tournament for the last time. And now, 13 years later partypoker MILLION is coming back!

That is not the only good news for tournament players, because you’ll also find a refreshed tournament schedule and re-introduction of T$ tournament dollars.

Sunday partypoker MILLION tournament

partypoker’s $215 tournament with one million dollar guaranteed prizepool is coming back on 27th of October. With multiple days format, partypoker ensures that winners won’t have to play long into the morning and there are no worries that one might be late for work.

partypoker MILLION will be played similar to live tournaments with four first days from 1A to 1D. All first days are in freezout format, but player can play as many as he wants and take the largest stack of chips in the final day.

Day 1 tournaments will be played on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, each player will receive one million chips and blinds will increase every 10 minutes. Game ends after end of 21st level, which means about 3 and a half hours of play.

Date Name Time
Sunday, 27th of October partypoker MILLION Day 1A 21:00 CET
Tuesday, 29th of October partypoker MILLION Day 1B 21:00 CET
Thursday, 31st of October partypoker MILLION Day 1C 21:00 CET
Sunday, 3rd of November partypoker MILLION Day 1D 16:00 CET
Sunday, 3rd of November partypoker MILLION Final Day 20:00 CET

All surviving players will qualify in the final day on Sunday, first one scheduled is on November 3rd. Tournament runs until winner is crowned, with 12-minute levels that means until about 3AM CET.

You can also qualify for partypoker MILLION via satellites that runs from $1.10.

Re-introduction of T$ tournament dollars

With current satellite format players are winning tournament tickets for their achievements, but this will change on 27th of October, when satellites will reward T$ tournament dollars instead!

Introduction of T$ means much more freedom for players and for which tournaments they would like to spend their hard-earned money. With tournament dollars you can register for any partypoker online tournament and T$ expire after 12 months.