Partypoker updates its mobile application for the tournament play 23 Aug

At partypoker, cash games, fast-forward, and SPINS players were able to enjoy the newest mobile application with the possibility of a portrait game mode, and now, with the latest update, the tournament players will be able to do so too!
Portrait mode makes playing on mobile phones so much easier, as the players can play with a single hand. This means you can do everything you want, be it bet, size your bet, and changing the table with a swipe of a finger.
The update will come on, both, iOS and Android devices, and you will be able to play up to four tournaments simultaneously.

Along with the new features, there will be extra “nuggets” for MTTs, which can be purchased with partypoker’s new currency, diamonds. You’ll be able to throw things at your opponent, use the rabbit hole feature, which shows you the cards on the remaining streets if the hand hadn’t been folded, and much, much more.