Patrik Antonius Wins Largest Poker Hand in TV History for $1,978,000! 21 Feb

One of the most anticipated cash game TV shows No Gamble, No Future promised big and it certainly delivered. In Day 3 of Cash of the Titans the limits played were $1,000/$2,000 with $2,000 big blind ante and history was made with the largest pot ever played on TV.

It was a hand between businessman Eric Persson and Patrik Antonius, who is once more involved in poker history. Check out the hand down below.

Massive $1,978,000 pot wasn’t the only 7-figure pot of the evening. Later in the show Patrik Antonius was involved in another hand, where he lost in a $1,269,000 pot against Andrew Robl. And with about an hour left to the day, Robl was involved in a pot worth $1,657,000 which could be the second largest ever in TV history, but both Robl and Rob Yong hand offsuite AK for a chop.

Before the day ended another big hand was played between Yong’s pocket queens and Markus Gonsalves’ pocket aces. Money went all-in preflop, players could run it once only and pocket rockets were good for $1,298,000.

Eric Persson

No Gamble, No Future’s Cash of the Titans provided a million-dollar buy-in game that allowed players to fire two $500,00 bullets or buy-in with full $1,000,000 with starting blinds of $500/500. Each player added $100,000 on the side which would go to the game’s biggest winner.

The record-breaking hand happened not long after Hustler Casino Live announced their $1 million minimum buy-in cash game that is scheduled to happen in May and will be livestreamed for free on YouTube. Producers Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci expect more than $15 million or on the table. Can HCL retake the record from PokerGO’s No Gamble, No Future?

The biggest online poker hand in history still stands with $7.7 million pot on crypto poker site CoinPoker between poker legend Tony G and unknown player “HannibalGetya”.