Poker Player Quits Before Heads-Up and Takes 2nd Place Money 07 Feb

It’s official, we’ve seen it all.

William Pinkerton got to heads-up against Jacob Mitch in a $400 buy-in tournament at the Potomac Winter Poker Open when he decided to simply surrender and take the 2nd place money of $13,582 without playing a single hand of heads-up, while Mitch happily accepted $22,298 for the win.

It’s true that Pinkerton was quite behind in chips with 3.5 million against 19 million, but that’s still more than 10 big blinds as the blinds were 150k/300k at that point. He didn’t even ask for an ICM chop, which would net him $14,827 for an extra $1,245 or he could just go all-in every hand and maybe run in up this way. Nope, straight up white flag.

Jacob Mitch

"Yeah, I definitely haven't had that happen before. It was extremely odd," Mitch explained to PokerNews. "As soon as the guy busted in third, the guy who I was heads-up with looked at my chips and said I’ll just take second. I said what do you mean you’ll just take second and his response was, 'You have way too many chips, there is no way I can come back. I said okay, GG."

Both the dealer and floor manager were flabbergasted by the decision but had no other choice than ending the tournament right there.

$400 Monster Triple Stack Final Table Results

Position Name Prize
1 Jacob Mitich $22,298
2 William Pinkerton $13,582
3 Brett Butz $9,865
4 James Liddell $7,617
5 Minwoo Ahn $5,506
6 Jim Dike $4,310
7 Belram Rais $3,212
8 Alan Gendelman $2,524
9 Cory Sitzman $1,835