Poker Streamer Hits $35,135 GGPoker Jackpot Live on Twitch! 03 Dec

What an insane turn of events today for a poker player phil_sn who hit $35,135 GGPoker jackpot, while streaming live on Twitch!

He flopped quads while holding a pair of 9s and when turn gave a possibility for an opponent’s straight flush, he was already toying with an idea of hitting another jackpot.

Watch the whole hand and his reaction in video below.

If you were reading carefully, you've probably noticed we said “another jackpot”. That’s because this wasn’t his first jackpot on GG, it was actually his second. His first one came only 12 hours before that, when he won with a quads 7s over quads 3s for a winner’s jackpot share of $11,018!!

Phil_sn was doing a bankroll challenge on Twitch, trying to grind from $250 to $25,000. He started at the lowest limits playing $0.02/$0.05 Rush&Cash on GGPoker. Currently he was already playing $0.50/$1 with a bankroll of around $7,700, before hitting two jackpots.

Now, 27 days later with 292 played hours, his challenge is done as his bankroll shows $50,970. Congrats!

Check out his Twitch stream to see where he goes from here.