Poker Twitter News #3: Poker Tips Edition 14 Nov

In this week’s edition of Poker Twitter News we have a bunch of poker advice for you, shared by some of the biggest and brightest minds of poker.

BenCB on how much you should study

So… Two hours tops?

Kevin Rabichow on how to improve

Forget about fun players, find edge over other professionals.

Laplante’s advice on poker

Of course, twitter wouldn’t be twitter without some "advice".

Daniel Negreanu chimers in

Ryan is playing for 13 years and Daniel for 30. So, his advice must be better, right?

How poker gets more difficult

Interesting graph of difficulty of poker as stakes rises.

ICM in early stages

Well, if owner of DTO Poker says so, it must be true.

Patrick Leonard asking his twitter followers

Just check the comments below his question. You might find something useful there as well.

Here are some of our favorites:

Chance Kornuth after crypto FTX drama

And let’s end it with a general good advice to never put all your eggs in one basket.