Poker Twitter News: Streamer Callmelija Will Get a Tattoo if GGMasters Overlay Hits GTD 13 Feb

In the new edition of Poker Twitter News we bring you some usual interesing tweets of the past week.

Overlay or Tattoo?

Well-known streamer Callmelija presented an interesting bet which might result in a poker tattoo if GGMasters Overlay Edition hits its guarantee.

How to succeed in poker by Daniel Negreanu

Daniel reveals overlooked secret of poker. Sleep.

Poker confessions

Do you have any anonymous confessions?

Millionaire mindset

Nick Howard on what attitude is needed for poker success.

Galfond Twitter Tips

Phil Galfond continues with his twitter tips series. This one might be hard to swallow for the usual reg – be a decent human.

How important is bluffing in poker? Pretty important.

Thanks mom, thanks dad.

Poker motivation

As usual, let’s end the article with a motivational post from The Poker Mindset.