Poker Twitter News: Two Phils 17 Jan

This week in Poker Twitter News we bring you some of the most interesting tweets of the past week, including two posts from two Phils – Hellmuth and Galfond!

Phil Hellmuth looks back at the beginning of his career

Phil is playing poker for more than 25 years and during this time he has seen a lot of final tables and wins. He should write a book.

Phil in the company of Jason Koon

First he beats him in High Stakes Duel III for $1.6 million and then he gets invited to his home game as well?!

Poker IQ Test

Businessman and avid poker player Bill Perkins has created a Poker IQ Test and you can try it yourself. What’s your score?

What would you do if someone disconnects?

Matt Vaughan started an interesting discussion about disconnects and how some poker players try to exploit that. Be honest with us. What would you do?

0 hands, I play perfectly

Patrick Howard’s take on how many hands you should be focusing on In post-session review.

Phil Galfond on patience and focus

Galfond regularly shares poker and business knowledge with us, completely for free. Here’s some from this week. And he’s also celebrating his 38th birthday today, so happy birthday!

3 most essential traits to excel in poker