PokerBros Introduces KILL POT Feature 19 Mar

PokerBros' new feature lets you boost your action in your Club's Fixed Limit Hold'em and Omaha (Hi&Hi-Lo) tables. Kill Pot triggers for the next hand, when the last pot grows over a certain size. The blinds will double, and a second Big Blind will be added.

For example, in a 1/2 Limit game, the blinds in a Kill Pot double from 0.5/1 to 1/2 and the blinds become 2/4. A third blind in the UTG position is also added. If this pot grows over a certain limit, then next hand also becomes a Kill Pot. There is no upper limit to the number of Kill Pots in a row.

How do I set up Kill Pots?

When creating a table in your club, activate the "Kill Pot" feature and choose your "trigger" - the number of big blinds that will be required to be in a pot before the next hand becomes a Kill Pot. The trigger can be set anywhere from 8 to 15 big blinds. Tables with the Kill Pot feature will be labeled in your Club's lobby so that your players can find the Fixed Limit and Omaha tables that have the feature enabled.

What is PokerBros?

Pokerbros is a poker application that offers its users a very interesting and above all the most profitable game in 2021. The application is designed for mobile phones and tablets, and with the help of an emulator, it is also possible to play on a computer. You can play four tables at the same time. The app offers almost all games from low to high limits.

Primarily, Pokerbros is designed to play with non-real money chips, but it allows you to create private clubs and unions where you will find a huge amount of tables and a variety of tournaments. PokerPro has access to twenty-two different clubs, which belong to thirteen different unions.

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