Member TurboLimach Wins WPTGlobal Welcome Event For $36,840!! 30 May

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must have heard that WPT launched a new online poker platform WPT Global. In honor of a new poker site a $100k GTD Welcome tournament with $110 buy-in was organized in April and May.

If you registered on WPT Global via PokerPro website, you received a FREE $110 ticket to play this event. We know many of you grabbed the opportunity with both hands and scored at this tournament, but no one scored as good as member TurboLimach, who took down the whole event for $36,840 money prize!

Throughout the April and May Day 1 flights were played where 30% of the field qualified for Day 2, scheduled on May 29. 531 players started the final day and 300 players ended in the money. The prize pool has grown from initial $100,000 to $184,200.

We spoke a few words with Turbo after his incredible win.

Congrats for the win. Tell us how the last night went.

“Thank you. Day 2 started at midnight my local time and we finished the play at 5:51 in the morning. I quickly went to work but was still a bit late.”

“Before the final table there were 9 players left on two tables. One of them was really short with 4bb stack on Big Blind. Button went all-in with 99, I was on Small Blind with AQo and called, shorty BB folded. Flop was KQK, turn and river brick and I had FT and $3.2k guaranteed. I had a big enough of a stack to get to the final table anyway, even if I lost this hand.”

“Play went fast after that. In only 15 minutes we went from 5 left to HU where I was 2:1 behind in chips. I quickly took the lead and then limped in the last hand with 66. My opponent went all-in with A7o and my hand held.”

Will you buy something nice for yourself to commemorate this win?

“Nothing special. I’m going to buy a grind station to play poker, that means a computer and two monitors. I’m going to put €1,000-€2,000 aside for poker bankroll, maybe I’ll buy a BBZ bundle and that’s about it for poker.

“I also have a plan to replace all the windows in the house as they are in poor condition, which will cost quite a bit of money. The rest I don’t know yet.”

What are your plans for poker?

“I’ll continue to play lower limits. This tournament was veeery soft, so this victory doesn’t mean I would be profitable full-time poker player. I’ll still go to work and play poker on the side. In the future, we’ll see.”

“I would also like to say thank you to PokerPro for promoting this event. Without you I wouldn’t have heard about WPTGlobal poker site.”

We’re so glad to hear that and it seems victory went to the right hands. Congrats again!

If you want to learn more about WPT Global, click here for a review.

World Poker Tour is one of the most recognized brands in the world and now they’re bringing their expertise to online poker with a new platform WPTGlobal that is designed for fun, fair and safe play.

WPT is one of the key players for the poker boom thanks to their televised coverage of the biggest tournaments where players from all over the world meet to compete, and it will be the same on WPTGlobal app, which will be available in more than 85 countries.

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