PokerPro Partners Up With GTO Wizard! 30 Jun

If you want to take your game to the next level, PokerPro proudly recommends our newest partner GTO Wizard, one of the most popular and effective tools for learning poker.
The GTO Wizard offers its users GTO solutions for every spot that you can enter manually and see how you should play your hand.

Practice any situation anywhere you go. Challenge yourself and practice any preflop or postflop situation. Mastering GTO has never been this much fun. You can also use Trainer and drill certain spots against GTO bots and thus sharpen your game in specific situations that you can set yourself up.

You can also upload your hands and see how you were supposed to play according to the GTO and what mistakes you made in the hand.
What is new in GTO Wizard is that it offers Videos published on a weekly basis by elite coaches such as TheWakko, Qin Yang, sauloCosta10 ...

GTO Wizard is constantly upgrading what it offers, so in the future we will be able to play Quizzes with a lot of tools and get complete analyzes of our uploaded sessions.
With all the listed tools and features for just $39/month or $69/month for the premium package it seems like the best possible offer on the market.
Also, if you purchase the GTO Wizard through PokerPro you will receive an additional 10% discount, you can purchase the GTO Wizard by clicking here.