PokerPro’s Josh Stewart Racks Up Two Mystery Bounties at 2023 PCA 28 Jan

One of the most anticipated tournaments of the year is well underway at the Bahamas as the first week of 2023 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is coming to an end. We’ve seen many interesting tournaments already with Isaac Haxton winning the $100,000 PCA Super High Roller, David Yan snatching the $50,000 6-handed silverware from newly WSOP bracelet winner Orpen Kisacikoglu, and Conor Beresford taking down the $50,000 7-handed event.

But our eyes and focus were at $3,000 Mystery Bounty as representative Josh Stewart entered the event. He has arrived at the Bahamas in a really good form. Just a few weeks ago he finished 2nd in the first ever Mystery Bounty at Irish Poker Championship for €11,100 and his last destination was 2023 Lucky Hearts Poker Open in Miami, Florida where he got 4th in $1,700 Deep Stack Bounty event for $12,600.

The $3,000 Mystery Bounty at the 2023 PCA is a beefy one with 763 players entering the event and $239,658 first place prize. At the start of the second day the bounty prize pool has been announced with TWO $100,000 bounties up for grabs.

Bounty Prize Count Total Prizes
$100,000 2 $200,000
$40,000 2 $80,000
$25,000 2 $25,000
$10,000 4 $40,000
$5,000 5 $25,000
$2,000 1 $2,000
$1,000 356 $356,000
$1,000 & Draw Again 10 $10,000
Platinum Pass 1 $30,000

Stewart started the day really well as he spined up his Day 2 starting stack from 20k to 125k stack for 60 big blinds. He played a huge hand in a soft bubble situation against German pro Justin Steinbrenner.

Blinds were 2,000/4,000 with 4,000 ante. Steinbrenner opens to 9,000 from UTG, small blind calls and Josh calls with pocket 9s in big blind. Flop comes 4d 6d 7c. Player on the small blind check, Josh bets out 8,500 and Justin calls.

Turn is 3d and both checks. River brings Qd for a fourth diamond at the table. Our hero checks again and Steinbrenner bets 40,000. Josh calls with only pair of nines and the German has to muck a worse hand.

However, pocket nines turned their backs on him an hour later when Stewart was all-in preflop for a 400,000 pot against AQ. Classical flip but unfortunately both an ace and a queen hit the flop and that was it for Josh, finishing the tournament in the money at 85th place.
At this point it was time to cash in the two bounties he got during the day two. No luck here as well as both mystery bounties were $1,000 ones for a total of $5,500 money prize. Congrats to Stewart and there will be lots of opportunities to upgrade his first 2023 PCA tournament cash.

The tournament is not over yet, there’s still 22 players left and at the top is David Peters who collected several bounties throughout the day. Three big prizes were already drawn. The first one was early in the day pulled by Joey Weissman who got $40,000 in cash. The next one was PokerStars Platinum Pass and Michael Jozoff was the lucky recipient. And one of the two big ones for $100,000 is already in the pockets of Sebastien Aube.