PokerStars Drops YouTube Star True Geordie Over Islamophobic Joke 11 Nov

PokerStars confirmed on Twitter they are terminating contract with YouTube star True Geordie over Islamophobic remarks geared towards Andrew Tate, well-known influencer who converted to Islam in October 2022.

It all started on Monday, November 7 when a fan asked Brian Davis (real name of True Geordie) during a livestream, if he was going to fight Tate, to which he replied that Tate 'should do the right thing and blow himself up', in order to prove he really is Muslim.

Since then, he released a 20-minute video on YouTube titled 'I’m Sorry' as an apology for his remark, saying he made 'a stupid joke' questioning Andrew Tate (or Potato Head as he calls him in the video) and his 'newfound faith'.

Even though True Geordie released the above posted apology, this didn’t stop companies to cut ties with the Brit. Besides PokerStars, who was in partnership with YouTuber since December 2020, fitness apparel Gymshark suspended relationship with him, effective immediately, Adam McKola who was part of The Kick Off podcast with True Geordie is stepping away from the show, and Twitch banned his channel due to the controversy. On top of that, True Geordie is losing subscribers on YouTube and is now below 2 million subs since he first hit the milestone on October 31.

Just a quick note that Andrew Tate is a no angel himself, as he is banned from majority of social media due to misogynistic comments.