Popular Streamer Mason Pye Wins HORSE Event 20 Aug

Popular streamer Mason "pyefacepoker" Pye hasn’t been online for two weeks now on his Twitch channel and he has a really good reason for it as he’s attending EPT in Barcelona. Whoever follows Pye knows he’s a mixed games specialist so rather than playing the €5,300 Main Event, he attended €1,100 8-Game Championship tournament and €550 HORSE, which he jokingly called the REAL Main Event.

145 players entered the HORSE event on Thursday, generating €69,600 prize pool with €17,290 reserved for 1st place. Day 1 finished at 6 o’clock in the morning after more than 14 hours of play and after the trio of remaining players - Mason Pye, Viljami Rapinoja and Robert Kaggerud agreed to pause the tournament and restart later at 2:30pm.

Mason, who is also member of PokerStars Team Pro, was the current chip leader, which he extended when the game resumed with Omaha orbit. First one to go was Finland’s Rapinoja in Razz, taking home €7,720 for his efforts.

Norwegian Kaggerud was a big dog in heads-up but managed to double up quickly. Mason didn’t give him any more chances than that and it was all over only few hands later in Stud round, where he beat Robert’s pocket aces with two pair of eight and threes. €10,810 money prize for runner-up and €17,290 in the pockets of Mason Pye who started celebrating with his group of friends.

"This is also the first EPT festival that I’ve played at," Pye says. "I played the €1K 8-Game at the start of the series and dusted two bullets, then I had to wait 10 days for this event because I don’t really play hold’em. Now here we are!"

"This whole event was so much fun. There was so much table chatter, so many people coming from a hold’em background with no idea how to play, which is good, but it’s also nice to teach them and show them the ropes. I think everyone enjoyed it. Hopefully, we see more of them at EPT London."