Pro Boxer Ryan Garcia is Back at the Poker Tables with a $48,000 Pot! 08 Sep

After his appearance at the 2023 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, pro boxer Ryan Garcia is back at the tables, dazzling the fans on a popular Hustler Casino Live, diving into the world of high stakes cash games. In a session that lasted just over an hour, Garcia lost a $48,000 pot after a daring three-barrel bluff with just 5-high.

The hand saw Garcia face off Linglin, who posted a UTG straddle. With the board of 2h8hKd and Garcia holding a mere 54o, bet $2,200 into a $2,875 pot, and Linglin called.

With the Th on the turn, Linglin checked, and undeterred, Garcia ramped up his aggression, betting $4,300 into the $7,275 pot. Once again, Linglin made a call.

The river revealed another T. Following a third check from Lingling, Garcia made a bold all-in move with $16,225m, putting his opponent’s KJo to the ultimate test. After a long tank, Linglin decided to call, unveiling Garcia’s bluff and claiming the hefty $48,000 pot.

Unfortunately, this poker session proves less than fruitful for Garcia, the boxing sensation who recently contended for a world title. Of late, he has been spotted at the poker tables numerous times, making strides in our community. Most notably, he secured his biggest poker cash at the 2023 WSOP Main Event, a cool $32,500 for 567th place.

According to the Hendon Mob, he has amassed a total of $58,946 in live tournament cashes. He has been spotted at poker festivals in places such as Las Vegas, Liechtenstein, Bratislava, Rozvadov, Malaga, and Estonia.

You can watch the replay of the whole session in question here: