Prop Bet: Doug Polk Got Shredded 11 Feb


An interesting prop bet between Doug Polk and Bill Perkins is coming to an end in which the pair bet that Polk will lose 50% of his body fat in one year. They agreed on even money bet for $200,000 that he will go from 27.7% body fat according to Dexa Scan, down to at least 13.85%.

Now, 365 days later, it’s time for weigh-in which Doug already did yesterday but hasn’t posted results just yet. As it looks like we might get a YouTube video out of it.

It’s hard to judge from the before/after pictures if Doug has succeeded with the bet as we know that Dexa scans can be unforgiving. His last update was from January 20 when he was supposedly at 17% body fat after he lost 7 lbs of fat in previous last 5 weeks.

That update was 22 days before the final weigh-in and according to math, he would need to lost another 7 lbs of fat in the final stretch. It’s going to be close.

Random Dexa Scan

There is another angle to this, though. If he would drink a large amount of water before the last scan, Dexa would pick that weight as a "lean mass", which would lower his body fat % significantly. So, what’s stopping him from chugging a gallon of water for a sweet -1% BF and $200,000?

Doug is on a quite a life upswing (pun intended) lately as he became a father for the first time few weeks ago when Otis Douglas Polk was born to him and Kaitlin. Congrats to both!