Rampage Poker Reveals His Poker Income and YouTube Revenue for 2021 17 Jan

Ethan Yau who is more known as Rampage Poker has revealed his poker and YouTube earnings for 2021. He was always very transparent about his results on and off-the-felt and it’s no different this time around.

According to his YouTube video Ethan earned $50,765 playing cash games at stakes ranging from $1/$2 up to $25/$50 and $188,449 playing tournaments for a total profit of $239,214. The big majority of his tournament winnings came from his $230,379 score as he took down MSPT Venetian Main Event in October. He also added a WSOP Circuit ring to his collection in December 2021, winning an event in Aruba.

Ethan also hit a milestone on YouTube as he reached 100,000 subscribers on his main channel Rampage Poker in October and is currently siting at 126,000 subs already, while his personal channel has more than 11,000 subscribers.

Between the two channels he earned $187.688,62 from ad revenue. Of course, this is just a revenue and not a profit as he is paying a salary to his editor and there are other costs regarding the YouTube ad money. His main channel also hit a 30 million views milestones, 20 of those coming in his 2021 breakout year and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

For obvious reasons he didn’t disclose side hustles as affiliate links, sponsorships, selling merch and others, but we do really appreciate the full transparency with poker and YouTube.

His channel is relatively young, so Ethan is a living proof that there’s still money to be made vlogging about poker. We’re sure he’ll inspire more poker up-and-comers and we hope they’ll have something to show as well. But of course it helps if you’re also good at poker.

We wish Ethan all the best in 2022!