Raúl Páez is the PGAT Panama High Roller Champion for $47,000 22 Feb

84 players generated a prize pool of $214,000 in PGAT High Roller and in early hours of Monday, Raúl Páez was victorious, pocketing $47,000 for his win. The biggest money prize of $55,000 went to runner-up Victor Rodríguez, as a part of three-way deal. Jorge Hou received $40,000.

PGAT High Roller had a particular strong field with many international players and several best players from the region, including Farid JattinLarissa Hauagge, Jacobo Montoya, and others.

It was a long final table grind that lasted eight hours, two and a half of it for heads-up alone. Everyone was already in the money, with $8,000 guaranteed.

Francis Cruz

Dominican player Francis Cruz didn’t have best of luck in the tournament. After going all-in with KQs and Rodríguez being in the thinking tank for over 5 minutes with K2s, the Mexican made a call and Cruz was dead on the flop.

Dominican was eliminated in 5th place for $15,000.

Diego Ventura

KQ was once again on the main stage as Panamanian Jorge Hou moved all-in and Ventura called with A9.

Not drawing dead on the flop but very close to it as Hou flopped a straight. Ventura had to hit the rail as he was knocked out in 4th place for $18,000.

Jorge Hou

At this point the trio left made an ICM deal with Hou and Páez taking guaranteed $40,000 and Rodríguez receiving the biggest share of the prize pool at $55,000. Additional $7,000 and a trophy was left to play.

With the payouts figured out, the battle begun with jorge pushing all-in K7o and quick call from Víctor with A4 which held.

Heads Up

Spaniard is a great Sit&Go player, and he cashed in his experience and chip stack with going all-in on more than four occasions, connecting hands and bluffing, putting Mexican in difficult position.

Little by little Páez was chipping away Rodríguez’s stack until there was no more and he was crowned champion in PGAT High Roller event.

PGAT High Roller Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Raúl Páez Spain $47,000*
2 Víctor Rodríguez México $55,000*
3 Jorge Hou Panama $40,000*
4 Diego Ventura Peru $18,000
5 Francis Cruz Dominican Republic $15,000
6 Hai Li Qiu Panama $12,000
7 Fernando Gutiérrez Colombia $10,000
8 Camilo Cardona Colombia $9,000
9 Vito Díaz Venezuela $8,000