Record-Breaking Triton Series Vietnam Concludes with Talal Shakerchi Winning the Main Event 14 Mar

The Triton Super High Roller visited Vietnam between March 1-13 and featured 13 NLHE and Short Deck tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $15,000 to $100,000.

As usual, we witnessed incredible action and many exciting decisions during the series, and all that for free on their YouTube and Twitch channels. Also, some records were broken during the two weeks as Event #1 GG Super Millions Live attracted a total of 166 entries, a new Triton record that lasted all but one day as Event #2 $15k 8-handed saw 172 entries to the tournament.

Talal Shakerchi takes down the Main Event

Talal "raidalot" Shakerchi is one of the best poker-playing businessmen in the poker community, to the extent that we can hardly call him that way instead of just "high stakes poker pro."

And he proved his brilliance once again with a 100K Triton Vietnam Main Event win and a career-best result of $3,250,000. In heads-up, he beat Michael Soyza, who pocketed $2,207,000, which is his best career cash as well.

"Poker is my hobby and I want to play the best players," Shakerchi said. "That’s how you get satisfaction out of any activity that you do. Challenge yourself and try to do the best you can."

But he pushed back against claims he could be called a poker pro. "Don’t start moving me into the other zone!" he told Ali Nejad in the winner presentation. "I’m not a professional player. I spend quite a lot of time playing poker. It’s my main hobby. But I’m definitely not a pro."

2023 Triton Vietnam Event #9 – $100,000 NLH Main Event Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Talal Shakerchi United Kingdom $3,250,000
2 Michael Soyza Malaysia $2,207,000
3 Daniel Smiljkovic Germany $1,450,000
4 Adrian Mateos Spain $1,201,000
5 Fedor Holz Germany $965,000
6 Timothy Adams Canada $756,000
7 Nick Petrangelo USA $566,800
8 Winfred Yu Hong Kong $418,400
9 Roman Hrabec Czech Republic $324,000

Qualifier Weazel_1991 Wins Mystery Bounty Event

ACR on Winning Poker Network (PokerKing) sent a team of its pro members to play at the Triton series in Vietnam with packages worth $100,000 for a chance to hit big in buy-ins they are not nearly rolled for.

And one of them, Mark Rubbathan, better known online as Weazel_1991, managed to win the Mystery Bounty event.

"It is all completely surreal," Rubbathan said. "I don’t know what to say other than this was a really good time to run better than I’ve ever run in anything. I absolutely sun-run the final table. I’ve got 400K and the trophy, so I’m happy. That’ll work."

Check out the YouTube video below, If you want to see how Rubbathan won his package online.

In addition to the $396,000 that Mark won from the tournament’s prize pool, he also grabbed an additional $240,000 from the bounties. This is by far the best result in his career since… Well, one day before, he cashed $50,000 in one of the earlier Triton events.

The top bounty worth $250,000 was drawn by Orpen Kisacikoglu, who didn’t end up in the money. He had a bounty chip saved from a day before, cashed it in during the final day, and managed to pick a winner. The UK-based Turkish poker pro said he had a bounty chop arranged with Timothy Addams, who also pulled a $100,000 envelope from the box himself.

2023 Triton Vietnam $20,000 Mystery Bounty Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Mark Rubbathan United Kingdom $396,000 + $240,000 bounties
2 Wiktor Malinowski Poland $268,000 + $100,000 bounties
3 Victor Chong Malaysia $184,000 + $100,000 bounties
4 Daniel Dvoress Canada $150,400 + $30,000 bounties
5 Calvin Tan Malaysia $120,000
6 Gytis Lazaouninkas Lithuania $92,000 + $100,000 bounties
7 Joao Vieira Portugal $67,000 + $50,000 bounties
8 Timothy Adams Canada $48,500 + $170,000 bounties
9 Pedro Garagnani Brazil $40,100 + $140,000 bounties

Triton Player of the Year award named after Ivan Leow

The sudden passing of Triton Poker co-founder Ivan Leow last year during the Cyprus series affected the whole Triton family. He was not only a poker player with an incredible resume, but a great friend to everyone involved in the tour.

In honor of Leow, Triton decided to rename the Player of the Year race to his name. Players will now compete for the Ivan Leow Player of the Year award with $200,000 cash money attached to it.

"This is a chance for us to recognize the immense contribution Ivan made to the poker community and to express our profound admiration for the way he has inspired us all," said Andy Wong, CEO of Triton Poker.

"Ivan was an inspiring poker player and a respected member of the Triton family. His legacy and impact on the poker world will live on forever. He was consistent and impressive at every game he played. His commitment to the growth and development of the poker community stands firm as we all strive to keep his legacy alive."