Selbst, Tilly, Hael, and King Inducted in Women in Poker HoF 2022 16 Nov

In a bit of a surprising move, The Women in Poker Hall of Fame (WiPHoF) announced they are inducting four new members to the Class of 2022. This year’s inductees are Vanessa Selbst, Jennifer Tilly, Angelica Hael, and Terry King.

Out of 54 nominations, WiPHoF announced 7 finalists in October. This year public acted as one of the voting members, alongside the living Hall members, and invited Media/Industry members. Out of 7 ballots, four where chosen, leaving out only Kristen Foxen, Kara Scott and Liv Boeree.

"This year, having skipped a year of induction and with very few votes separating the top four women, the Hall members chose to make an exception and induct all four amazing women to the Class of 2022," said their press release.

Celebration and induction ceremony will be held December 14 in Las Vegas at the PokerGO studio, and you can watch it online on YouTube or in person, as tickets are open to the public to attend. "Having the Induction Ceremony LIVE streamed globally through the generous support of the PokerGO Studio elevates the Hall, the celebration, and its standing in the Poker Industry. We couldn’t be more humbled and appreciative of Mori Eskandani and his team for their support!" said Lupe Soto, Hall Member and Founder of the WiPHoF.

Women in Poker Hall of Fame 24 members:

  • 2008:  Barbara Enright, Linda Johnson, Marsha Waggoner, Susie Isaacs, Cyndy Violette, Jan Fisher, June Field
  • 2010:  Billie Brown, Kathy Liebert
  • 2011:  Kristy Gazes, Margie Heintz, Phyllis Caro
  • 2012:  JJ Liu, Kathy Raymond
  • 2014:  Deborah Giardina, Allyn Shulman
  • 2016:  Debbie Burkhead, Victoria Cohen
  • 2018:  Maria Ho, Lupe Soto
  • 2022: Venessa Selbts, Jennifer Tilly, Angelica Hael, Terry King