Shaun Deeb has been hospitalized (and already released) due to COVID-19 26 Sep

The American, Shaun Deeb went to Mexico to play this year’s biggest online international tournament poker series, which he wouldn’t be able to attend from the USA. During his trip, he encountered quite some difficulties, as he was hospitalized due to the COVID-19 virus in Mexico.

Despite being hospitalized, Shaun decided to play the online tournaments but confessed his level of play was on a whole other level. During the 5-minute breaks, he was sometimes so exhausted he even fell asleep. Based on his evaluation, he managed to play on the highest level about 10% of the whole playtime.

The American was released from the hospital on the 24th of September. Based on his tweet, he is feeling much better and hopes for his condition to further improve at home. As for now, he is looking for the quickest route home, without any additional complications and risks.