Simone Andrian wins the Summer Festival Main Event for €153,610 04 Jul

Pokerstars Summer Festival Main Event started on June 28, in Casino Malta, with two initial flights that collected 313 entries.
In the Day 1/A flight of 264 entries, 77 players made it to Day 2; from Day 1/B, out of 49 entries, only 17 survived.
Then on 29.6. we had Day 1/C and Day 1/D with 378 and 123 entries, of which 120 or 55 players survived and entered Day 2.
The prize pool of the Main Event was €879,360, and the buy-in was €1,100.
30.6 players already played Day 2, where they fought to be ITM, including 135 players.
On the bubble itself, we saw a lot of action and exciting hands, one of which was significant with 137 players in the game, whereas pre-flop All-In, we saw AA vs. KK vs KK.
You can see the video of the hand by clicking here!
And to make things even crazier, the flop showed three clubs, and one of the players holding KK was the only one with a flush draw, but unfortunately for him, AA held, and we entered the absolute bubble with 136 players.
The tension could be cut with a knife, which was seen in the players who could no longer delay because the Hand for hand rule was active.
After seeing many hands that could break the bubble, it finally happened!
The players breathed a sigh of relief and applauded because all 135 remaining had a guaranteed 1,700 euros!
4 card PLO Event winner and PokerPro representative Josh Stewart was among the 135 players who entered the ITM!

Entering Day 3, the players had a guaranteed 2230 euros and were fighting for first place, which amounted to 153,610 euros!
Andrian was the chip leader with 5,280,000, and the second finalist, Nguyen, was one of the short stacks with 25bb, i.e., 1,280,000 chips.
So entering the final day, we saw the remaining 11 players and the fight for the Final Table.
Marcin Lesniewski made up to 400k, Docherty 3bet him to 3m, and Andrian 4bet All-in and got a call from Docherty.
Docherty had 33, and Andrian AKo, who was immediately ahead on the JK8 flop and hit an additional A on the turn, the river 4, was also of no help to Docherty. We were left with only three players in the fight for the trophy!
But that didn't last long either, because the next hand Nguyen opened and got a call from Lesniewski, and the flop was Td4dKh, to which Nguyen bet 1m, and Lesniewski called him.
The turn comes Ah on the table. Nguyen moves All-In, and Lesniewski calls for the remaining 3.2m chips.
Nguyen shows KT, and Lesniewski's AJ is not enough, and he leaves the tournament in 3rd place for €68,470


One of the interesting hands that happened was when Nguyen limped from the Button and Andrian Raised to 1m, Nguyen re-raised to 4m, and Andrian moved All-in.
Nguyen: AsQs
Andrian: AhKc
Board: 3sQd2s4c5d
This gave Andrian a split, and they somehow survived after a flop that didn't look promising for him where Nguyen hit top pair and a flush draw.
The hand that ended the story happened when Andrian opened the Button, and Nguyen called.
The flop came 6cJh8h, and both players re-raised the pot until all the chips were in.
Nguyen: QcTh
Andrian: KdJs
The turn got 8s, and the river Ah.
This brought Andrian the title and €153,610, while Nguyen took 2nd place and €95,850 euros!